HELPFUL TIPS for woof cycle bike trotter

  • Be mindful of your pet’s capabilities when using Bike Trotter.
  • For the safety of dog and rider, the Bike Trotter should be used by adults only.
  • Attach Bike Trotter clip to your dog’s collar and walk the bike until your dog is comfortable with it.
  • Start slowly, practicing turns and stops in an open area.
  • Keep first outings short, gradually working up to longer rides.
  • Do not over exercise your dog-stop for water breaks as needed.
  • Use safe riding techniques and enjoy.


Woof Cycle Bike Trotter allows you to safely exercise your dog at a trot while riding your bike.

  • Low attachment point virtually eliminates tipping forces.
  • Strong and lightweight.
  • Flexible arm provides for dog and rider comfort
  • Keeps our dog by your side but out of harms way.
  • Can be attached on both sides of the bike if gear side accommodates.
  • Rotate up for easy storage.
  • Easy removal with quick connect pin.


  • To be used on non- motorized bikes only.
  • Recommended for dogs 10 lbs to 90 lbs.
  • Manufacturer not responsible for bike accidents caused by rider or dog.
  • Good in temperature ranges from 0°F to 100°F , consider dogs safety in extreme temperature ranges.